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Korean teacher on English education industry: “What use is studying English without goals?”
Korean teacher on English education industry: “What use is studying English without goals?”

A Korean English teacher is at the forefront of seeking change within Korea’s English Education industry and trying to give a wake-up call to policy makers. “The most common critique of English education is that you can’t even say a sentence right, despite having studied English at school for 10 years. But is it really […]

‘Learning English = Hell’, almost 50% of surveyed Korean students claim
‘Learning English = Hell’, almost 50% of surveyed Korean students claim

Kyunghyang Newspaper recently conducted an English education survey of 95 sixth graders from elementary schools in Seoul, over an 11 day period in July. To compare and analyze, they picked one school each from Gangnam-gu, Gangbuk-gu, Mapo-gu, and other innovation schools. The survey was essentially to gauge student opinion of learning English by completing the […]

Drastic reduction of foreign teachers in Gyeonggi-do
Drastic reduction of foreign teachers in Gyeonggi-do

  At peak employment in 2010, 2,256 native English instructors were once employed throughout Gyeonggi-do’s public school system, however, due to budget revisions, their number has now dwindled to 1,207 teachers, as of this year. Further cutbacks are being planning, which has opened debate among parents who are for and against the changes. The Gyeonggi Ministry […]

Teaching Illegally ? Risky, But Wrong?

Many foreigners choose to teach English in (South) Korea without the required documentation ? illegally. They may have had a visa initially and are unable or unwilling to obtain a new one, or they might simply have began teaching without any visa whatsoever. Still other individuals, with visas to teach at specific institutions, teach students […]

Disney to start opening up hagwons in Korea?
Disney to start opening up hagwons in Korea?

Disney (NYSE: DIS) established its first English learning center in Shanghai on October 14 and plans to expand its education business across China after 2009, reports China Business News quoting Disney English studies senior vice president and general manager Tang Anzu. The company is also considering testing the new business in Korea, Brazil and Russia […]

Christopher Neil gets light sentence

Only 3 years and change. Unless he gets more from being charged about the other boy or any others who come forward. Otherwise, he’ll surely be back in the ESL circuit by the time he is 40. And given how long he had Interpol guessing, one can only imagine he’ll go to greater lengths to […]

Hagwon market ripe for another explosion

There’s about $10 billion won a year (mind you, 50% of that is going to brokers who line up the students with schooling and homestay families) being spent by Korean families to send their children abroad to study foreign languages. And the surge has increased even more due to the new government’s aggressive plans for […]

Schools Face Fierce Competition

Seoul Citizens Vote for Conservative Education Chief By Kang Shin-who Staff Reporter Elementary and secondary schools are expected to strengthen their English education classes and take steps to boost competition among students and schools after Seoul citizens elected Kong Jeong-taek, 74, superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. In line with the market-oriented education […]

British Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Sexual Harassment

By Kang Shin-who Staff Reporter The parents of a four-year-old girl are accusing a British kindergarten teacher of having sexually molested her. “The teacher sexually harassed my daughter by kissing her on the lips and touching her teeth with his finger. My daughter disliked it very much. Other teachers including the principal at the kindergarten […]

Non-western foreigners busted for teaching English

From Korea Times By Park Si-soo Staff Reporter A group of illegal foreign residents from Middle East and African countries were apprehended Wednesday for teaching children English at 30 private language institutes in Seoul. The Korea Immigration Service said it had detained four Iranians, one Libyan and one Moroccan. The agency said the six had […]