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70% of Korean office workers are addicted to the need to study English

This just in from the Korea Times. About seven in 10 office workers are showing signs of “English addiction syndrome” where they feel uneasy if they are not studying it, according to YBM Sisa. The leading language institute surveyed 1,837 office workers and more than 40 percent of respondents said they spend over 100,000 won […]

Hagwon director gets prison time for molesting woman at nightclub

An interesting change of pace to reveal that foreign teachers are not the only ones who are sex-crazed alcoholics. Last summer in Guri, a woman was in a private room at a nightclub, drinking with friends. She stumbled off to the washroom and later came back and couldn’t remember which room she was drinking in. […]

Big hiring boosts planned at Daegu public schools in 2008

By the end of this year, the Gyeongbuk Ministry of Education plans to have foreign teachers working in 700 out of 780 elementary and public schools throughout Daegu and Gyeongbuk province. There are currently 140 teachers working in the region’s public schools, however, they plan to hire another 180, to bring the total up to […]

English teachers to work in school playgrounds, cafeterias, and libraries

Gyeonggi-do public schools will be trying a new twist to create more English learning influences for students out of the classroom. Coming soon to 150 elementary and middle schools in the province will be teachers aides, who will be asked to work among students in playgrounds, cafeterias, libraries, and school stores, and communicate with them […]