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Children of Illegal Aliens to Get Public Education

By Bae Ji-sook Staff Reporter A lawmaker will submit a bill that will allow the children of illegal aliens to get public education. The bill stipulates that children of both legal and illegal foreign residents have the right to an education as guaranteed by the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Korea signed […]

TESOL program at Yeungjin College

Jang Young Chul, a dean at Yeungjin College in Daegu, announced that the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education has authorized Yeungjin College to train elementary school English teachers in Daegu through TESOL. They will start training the teachers on August 1, 2008. As a result of this, Yeungjin College and the University of New Brunswick, […]

Schools Face Fierce Competition

Seoul Citizens Vote for Conservative Education Chief By Kang Shin-who Staff Reporter Elementary and secondary schools are expected to strengthen their English education classes and take steps to boost competition among students and schools after Seoul citizens elected Kong Jeong-taek, 74, superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. In line with the market-oriented education […]

British Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Sexual Harassment

By Kang Shin-who Staff Reporter The parents of a four-year-old girl are accusing a British kindergarten teacher of having sexually molested her. “The teacher sexually harassed my daughter by kissing her on the lips and touching her teeth with his finger. My daughter disliked it very much. Other teachers including the principal at the kindergarten […]

Non-western foreigners busted for teaching English

From Korea Times By Park Si-soo Staff Reporter A group of illegal foreign residents from Middle East and African countries were apprehended Wednesday for teaching children English at 30 private language institutes in Seoul. The Korea Immigration Service said it had detained four Iranians, one Libyan and one Moroccan. The agency said the six had […]

Incheon hagwon being investigated for suspicion of bribery, fraud
Incheon hagwon being investigated for suspicion of bribery, fraud

It’s this time of year when Korean elementary school students are gearing up for big year-end tests at public schools, which include testing their English prowess, listening skills, etc…Hagwons often market themselves for being able to prep students well for these tests, boasting their excellent curriculum, hand-picked teaching staff, or anything else that might swoon […]

Foreign College Students allowed to teach at GEPIK schools
Foreign College Students allowed to teach at GEPIK schools

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education is seeking to to recruit approximately 600 university students from English-speaking countries as paid interns this year. Those selected for the program will teach students in cooperation with Korean teachers at elementary and secondary schools in the province. It will be the first-ever program for foreign college students to […]

Support for coed schools dwindles
Support for coed schools dwindles

Here’s some good discussion fodder with ESL classes. A coed high school in Daegu returns back to its all-male roots, which exposes debate over which format is better. Other schools are expected to follow suit.

Immigration: “This is what we go through when busting teachers”

This is a gem. I’ve always wondered what goes on in the minds of immigration agents before entering a hagwon. “Cover the back exit”. I love the dumbass excuse by the director. “Stopped by to eat snacks? WTF?” DAEJEON ㅡ Hur Chang-goo, a veteran immigration police officer, hopped in a car with his partner, a […]

New ESL hiring requirement…”Anything Goes”

Holy fucking shit! The government plans this month to ease the qualifications needed by native speakers to teach English. Instead of having to have graduated from university, teacher assistants will now only be required to have completed one year of their university course. However, hagwon have to stick to current regulations. The discrepancies in English […]