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Boobi Boobi
Boobi Boobi

Boobi Boobi (부비부비) is a chain of soju bangs in Korea. They have an eclectic interior with exotic and stylish art. Their menu consists of common Korean anju, but also features western fare, such as spicy BBQ ribs, pizza, and roast chicken. They also specialize in serving fruit-flavored pitchers of soju.

Hidden Gems – The Bar Scene (Wine House)
Hidden Gems – The Bar Scene  (Wine House)

With so many foreign teachers or expats living in Daegu, one may think every bar and restaurant in the city has been discovered, either through word of mouth or through individual exploration. Yet there remain a number of establishments that slip under our radars. I feel it necessary to drag us away from the monotony […]

Wine bars in Daegu

I know that there are a lot more in Daegu, but I just found a nice list of wine bars in Daegu that I can start putting up articles about, when time permits.