If there’s anything that I find that the Korean English Education colossus is bypassing for some reason or not, it’s the mis-education or lack of education of phrasal verbs. So much time is spent in studying and memorizing expressions and verbatim conversation. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Korean students ask about how to fast-track their English education, particularly adults who are often only able to commit to an hour of one-on-one study, each week. And young kids going through the hagwon factories and their textbooks that require rote learning. If they dedicate themselves to learning verbs, and furthermore, phrasal verbs, they can make themselves coherent enough for native speakers to guesstimate the whole conversation, and also advance their overall fluency by allowing for being adaptable to different situations despite not having memorized situational dialogue. On that note, I’ve dedicated myself to maintain a sub-theme of this blog to have recurring phrasal verb tutorials. Here, you can keep track of the phrasal verb series. Cheers.