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Teaching Illegally ? Risky, But Wrong?

Many foreigners choose to teach English in (South) Korea without the required documentation ? illegally. They may have had a visa initially and are unable or unwilling to obtain a new one, or they might simply have began teaching without any visa whatsoever. Still other individuals, with visas to teach at specific institutions, teach students […]

Disney to start opening up hagwons in Korea?
Disney to start opening up hagwons in Korea?

Disney (NYSE: DIS) established its first English learning center in Shanghai on October 14 and plans to expand its education business across China after 2009, reports China Business News quoting Disney English studies senior vice president and general manager Tang Anzu. The company is also considering testing the new business in Korea, Brazil and Russia […]

Daegu hagwons worried about tuiton disclosure

More on the planned tuition disclosure agenda that the government is planning to roll out. A source within the Daegu Foreign Language Hagwon Association says that a lot of schools are worrying and the Association, in addition to hagwon associations throughout the country, are feverishly bribing lobbying the federal government to relax on this critical […]

Wide Awake (DVD Bang Rental)

Wide Awake takes one of the real-life medical mysteries — patients who remain fully conscious (and responsive to pain) but paralyzed during operations, called “intraoperative awareness” — and weaves a revenge-motivated mystery plot around it. (According to experts this happens shockingly more often than we think — approximately 20,000 to 40,000 surgery patients in North […]

Web boom in English-obsessed Korea

Armed with the world’s fastest Internet and an even stronger desire to learn English, South Koreans are using the latest Web resources to master a language that is the economic and emotional focus of their education. On any given day, students ranging from kids learning their alphabet to adults preparing for job interviews sign in […]

National and regional English publications blossoming
National and regional English publications blossoming

Beginning this month, Changwon will be launching an English-language newspaper for its 10,000+ foreign community. The monthly publication will feature 8 pages of information on local events, tourism, and restaurants in the city. In Daegu, no less than 3 English magazines are launching this fall. 2 of them are national magazines which will have national […]

Lucky-Britney Spears (Noraebang English)

This is a story about a girl named Lucky 이것은 럭키라는 이름의 소녀에 대한 이야기예요 Early morning She wakes up 이른 아침 그녀는 잠에서 깼어요 Knock knock Knock on the door 똑똑똑 문을 두드리네요 It’s time for make up Perfect smile 화장을 하고 완벽한 미소를 지을 시간이에요 It’s you they’re all waiting for 사람들이 기다리는 […]

Int’l Middle Schools Brew Irregularities

Even before their inception, two proposed international middle schools are being used as vehicles to make irregular gains by private cram schools, or hagwon ― an indication that more illegalities are in store involving the Seoul elite schools. The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said it has caught 34 private hagwon producing false and exaggerated […]

English-Only Classrooms to Increase

Primary and secondary schools nationwide will have roughly 2,700 English-only classrooms under a policy to strengthen public English language education. More than 400 English classrooms will be set up at elementary schools this year, according to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Tuesday. The classrooms will allow children to study English speaking and listening […]

Ewha to Establish TESOL Graduate School

Ewha Womans University will open a TESOL graduate school next March to meet the growing demand for English teachers. “Our school has been prominent in English education and will lead Korea’s TESOL education with the new graduate school,’’ university President Lee Bae-yong told reporters at a press meeting to celebrate the second anniversary of her […]