12 Responses to “2015 Global Excitement Camping Festival in Hadong”

  1. Terryn Wilson / 17 Sep 2015 9:28pm #

    Can you please advise if children can attend or is this event just for adults

  2. Angela / 21 Sep 2015 6:02pm #

    I tried to email but it says it’s not a valid email address. Are children allowed? My son is 4years will I have to pay full price for him. Ty

  3. Gerard / 21 Sep 2015 9:35pm #

    Hello, I would like to attend this trip.

  4. Hiram / 22 Sep 2015 8:07pm #

    Very interested please email me all info

  5. Patricia Kaweck / 25 Sep 2015 9:47am #

    Can you tell me when on Friday we will leave. I am in Seoul.

  6. della torres / 26 Sep 2015 3:51am #

    How many times a year does this tour take place? Very interested in the fun!

  7. Allarece / 26 Sep 2015 6:25pm #

    Hi Ive been trying to send an email to the email provided on the website but it doesnt seem to go through. i have four friends that are keen for this trip. Could you please email with more information. Thankx

  8. Animesh Das / 1 Oct 2015 6:48pm #

    I will like to attend the trip. Please provide me the details. I will be coming from yeongtong, Suwon area. Is there any bus service available from that area?

    Looking for your reply

  9. keith / 7 Oct 2015 1:06am #

    what time, where and at what hour does the bus?

  10. Eden saranillo / 7 Oct 2015 11:59am #

    We want to attend and we live in gohyun geoje is there a bus available in this area

  11. charleen / 7 Oct 2015 11:04pm #

    Want to attend from pyeongtaek. 3adults 2kids

  12. Lena / 8 Oct 2015 6:57pm #

    Please advise if this all event is only for forigner who lives in Korean?

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