3 Responses to “Esquire Korea’s 2014 Food and Drink Awards”

  1. Bob / 31 Dec 2014 1:01pm #

    This list is horrible. You don’t even get the best BBQ place in Itaewon correct. Itaewon had many excellent new restaurants open in 2014 but your researchers simply failed to include them. This is better, though, as the people who go to and enjoy the great new restaurants don’t want any of your mindless readers creating more lines.

  2. BOB2 / 1 Jan 2015 10:58am #

    BOB, you need to understand, a magazine like Esquire will probably only list restaurants which paid to advertise in their magazine or were reviewed by one of their staff in 2014, no such thing as free publicity dude.
    thats why is says, ESQUIRE KOREAS award.

  3. Bob Jusayo / 1 Jan 2015 1:22pm #

    This list is a big joke.

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