3 Responses to “The Amazing Gallery Cafes of Hyeri Art Valley”

  1. EverydayKorea.com » Praying for a Banh Mi sandwich craze in Korea? Evidence of one is building. / 16 Jul 2014 3:35pm #

    […] if you’ve read our recent profiling of art cafes at Hyeri Art Valley, one notable omission that should be addressed here is about Banh Mi Ssaico, with their Vietnamese […]

  2. EverydayKorea.com » Yonaluky Pension in Hyeri Art Valley / 4 Nov 2014 3:53am #

    […] this year, we did a focus on the good things happening at Hyeri Art Valley. Looking back at this booming cultural district north of Seoul, it’s a good time to draw […]

  3. laila / 11 Nov 2014 9:18am #

    can u post the exact address…bcoz its uncomfortable…I want to visit today….pleaseeeeee

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