10 Responses to “Sleep in a Ramyeon Cup or Heineken Can in Gapyeong”

  1. Kim BRice / 30 Dec 2013 5:55pm #

    Can I get the phone number to book a room?

    • EDK / 31 Dec 2013 9:19am #

      You can go to their site http://www.uniquepension.com/ or call 070-4204-1689 and another number we have is 010-2925-1689. We hope this helps. Thank you for viewing our site and we hope you continue to come back in the future. Happy holidays!

  2. Soju Pension in Gapyeong - EverydayKorea.com | EverydayKorea.com / 21 Mar 2014 3:24pm #

    […] that we recently featured a themed pension in Gapyeong, where you can stay overnight in a giant Ramyeon Cup. Cozy Pension is another such kind of pension in the same area, which offers some quirky […]

  3. Sarah / 9 May 2014 12:39am #

    Hello, is there any English version of the website? Can’t seem to find one and I don’t know Korean…

    • EDK / 9 May 2014 9:31am #

      Unfortunately, they don’t have an English site available. But you can give them a call.

  4. Charlet / 27 May 2014 12:57am #

    I stayed here with my boyfriend this past April 2014. It was amazing. It’s far out, it was so peaceful and quiet. The man who runs the place was so kind and helpful. He seems like a one man show, built the place, runs it, does maintenance, pick-up service, and BBQ service all by himself. We stayed there during the week and not another soul around! Will totally stay here again!!

    • Anonymous / 9 Nov 2014 2:55am #

      Hi Charlet,

      How did you book? Because everything is in korean. I mean i couldn’t book only because i don’t have a korean number.

  5. Chermaine Lim / 7 Sep 2014 4:37pm #

    Do they speak or understand English if I call them?

  6. cindy / 29 Jul 2016 6:14pm #

    hi I would like to booking this themed pension in Gapyeong on 15th November 2016, but couldn’t log in to this website.

  7. Gloria / 29 Aug 2016 10:11am #

    Hi how do I book a room? I can’t find their website.

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