2 Responses to “Wanted: Shoppers at Gmarket Global”

  1. John / 6 Feb 2014 1:58pm #

    this is ridiculous. Gmarket’s English shopping experience and ease of use is like using dial up for the internet. Its terrible, just awful. Come back and spam when the English version is actually usable and doesn’t switch to Korean with 80 stopgaps when trying to buy something. Have you even used the search functions? Wow. Just wow.

  2. Enzo / 12 Feb 2014 2:26am #

    One of the biggest korean mysteries. I must have tried tens of portals, and I’m pretty sure that I have a GMarket’s id somewhere. For a number of reasons, e-shopping from overseas is basically impossible, no matter what you want to buy, be it music (digital releases included), fashion or anything else. I bought most of my korean products thru Hong Kong. A rather strange way to spread the Hallyu.

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