7 Responses to “Culture SHOCK Part I – Korea vs. Western Countries”

  1. James Thorn / 16 Aug 2013 1:00pm #

    Everything tastes sweet. Sauces, drinks, even meats and veggies seem to have an underlying sweet taste to them.

  2. florence ghale / 16 Aug 2013 1:06pm #

    yeah..i agree with above statements…at first i was also shocked with the korean cultures…but its being 6months since i was here so now m use to…infact there are still such things which i don’t like….

  3. rk / 16 Aug 2013 5:38pm #

    First of all, I just received a culture shock reading the first part of your insensitive blog which stated that Indians dont use their left hand cuz they have just wiped their butt after a great relief in the bathroom? Excuse me??! Whoever told you that… I have never ever heard of this thing even once except watching a movie made by some non-Indians. Before you go out and write something, make sure you research and ask enough people if it is true. Don’t read some silly Korean blog about India and its culture and then write down the same vomit here. Would appreciate if you fix it before more people read this nonsense.

  4. rk / 16 Aug 2013 5:40pm #

    and secondly is that even how you start a blog post? You need to work on your organization and writing skills? If that was your hook it worked to piss me off than continue reading the rest.. After I read that, didnt even wanna read the rest…I thought this author is insensitive enough about one culture what could he/she teach me about culture shock in another?

    • EDK / 16 Aug 2013 6:05pm #

      We sincerely apologize for any offense and disgrace the post caused you. We have made the necessary revisions to make it more “reader friendly.” Once again, we hope you accept our apology and continue reading our site. Please feel free let us know of your ideas or comments regarding any of our past or future posts. Thank you.

  5. Seth / 16 Aug 2013 5:54pm #

    I studied in Korea, and my roommates had a profound lack of personal space and personal possessions. I got used to it, and even grew to like it, but it was disconcerting at first.

    For example, I started finding my computer missing from the room – they had taken it to work on their assignments, but without asking. Eventually we all shared each other’s food, school supplies, even clothes.

    Also, though my roommates didn’t do it much, around the dorms groups of grown men sleeping like a pile of cats on one bed was not an uncommon sight – nothing sexual, just sleeping.

  6. Craig / 18 Aug 2013 2:18pm #

    Household chores. After being in Korea for 10 years, I thought I had seen or experienced most things that trigger some culture shock. Until I got married and had to learn Korean household chores.

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