6 Responses to “Foreign teachers in Daejeon save drowning Korean woman”

  1. Jeana / 6 Jun 2013 6:15am #


    • edkadmin / 6 Jun 2013 10:00am #

      This is funny?

  2. Lee Jangmin / 10 Jun 2013 3:44am #

    maybe she mean your writing style and photo selection?

  3. Inazilda / 29 Jan 2014 6:37pm #

    The Koreans are asking the wrong qutneioss. It is not about Koreans vs. native-speakers or fluent vs. not fluent. It is about qualified vs. not qualified.The Koreans have made it the de facto policy to hire young, inexperienced teachers with no training, and notes they wonder why the program failed. Koreans fluent in English will fare no better without proper training. All those Koreans graduating with MAs in TESOL? Unless their program had a strong practical component, with observed teaching, they will fail too.

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