2 Responses to “Cirilo Taco in Itaewon”

  1. Matt / 26 Jun 2013 8:48am #

    First of all, it it way more than 5 minutes from Itaewon. This place is between Noksapyeong and the Han. The tacos are not as filled with stuff as the picture would have you believe. They’re probably some of the smallest tacos I’ve seen in Seoul. The burrito was pretty good, but overall for the price and location I would choose many other places over this one. Taco Amigo comes to mind as well as the many Dos Tacos locations.

  2. Anonymous / 16 Mar 2014 9:11pm #

    My two cents: This place had average food. Way over priced and terrible service. I wont be recommending it and will not go again. The rudest thing was the manager refused to even hear the issue . He just never came over despite not being busy and being in plain view. Terrible work/business ethic.

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