8 Responses to “Drastic reduction of foreign teachers in Gyeonggi-do”

  1. drastic reductions in Gyeonggi F/t's for 2013 to continue in 2014 / 5 Jan 2014 5:29am #

    2013 follow-up on further cuts to
    Gyonggi school districts budget
    for Foreign EFL Instructors.

  2. Suree / 28 Jan 2014 4:35am #

    I (respectfully) disagree with my lenaerd colleague Mr Babaganoosh in that if you are applying for a new job either inside or from outside Korea there is a high likelihood your Criminal Check has been issued within the last month by virtue of the process of getting everything together and sending it off.Where I do agree is if you haven’t left Korea since your last visa was issued I would have thought a Korean Police check would suffice.Either way I am glad all my crap went to immigration last week for the new job.

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