2 Responses to “Teaching Illegally ? Risky, But Wrong?”

  1. Joy / 19 Oct 2008 3:18pm #

    I think the risk in just having a legal job here is tantamount to failure too. I lost my job after 5 months for so many reasons. I think Teachers should be aware of the rules and how the system functions, so if they were to face authorities they would react knowing the system and not react with outright fear or anger.

    All in all though the systems that work here are still adjusting to us foreign workers. It is the same in America and I am sure foreign workers there go through a lot of red tape and rules.

    It must reflect, of course, globalization and how the working class come to other countries. This I think can upset the balance but in a way that is adjustable.

  2. James Eagerton / 21 Oct 2008 5:16pm #

    It’s the same in America? It’s not. As long as you obtain the proper working visa, that’s it! The US government does not interfere with private Korean or any other language teachers/tutors. BTW not all tutors are from the USA, like me I’m Canadian. My fellow teachers are from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. This is not American Beef that was reported in the article.

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