4 Responses to “Korea uses tasers, stun guns vs illegal immigrants”

  1. Foreigners Getting Tazed : Korea Beat / 14 Jul 2008 9:39am #

    […] A reader asked last week for information about reports that immigration has been using tasers in round-ups of illegal immigrants. I haven’t gotten around to finding a Korean-language source yet but in the meantime the Galbijim blog has an article up. […]

  2. John / 30 Nov 2008 12:53pm #

    The story above stating the disgraceful act of south koreans uses taesers on illigals migrants is very true and accurate.I have been here in korea here too for the past three years and illigal as well and mind you its very disturbing and worrying experiencing all these kinds of treatment including maltreating at work place.
    I even sit down and wonder why a korean is the head of the UN.Its a shameful act the world should speak up against it.

  3. Jack / 30 Nov 2008 1:00pm #

    Koreans must know illigals are not terrorist nor thieves but are in korea mostly for economic reasons.And they should remember all the fingures are not equal so they should be considerate especially they knowing undocumented worker do jobs that the korean citizens rejects.I think they should rather document them and tax them for the better development of the country.

  4. Children of Illegal Aliens to Get Public Education - EverydayKorea.com | EverydayKorea.com / 21 Mar 2014 11:21pm #

    […] will this work then? Illegal immigrants being chased with tasers and stun guns while ushering their kids to school? What the UN says certainly dictates for what Korean […]

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