4 Responses to “Foreign College Students allowed to teach at GEPIK schools”

  1. Korea Beat / 27 Jun 2008 12:10pm #

    The Gyeonggi-do Education Office is truly where managerial competence goes to die.

  2. Elliot / 28 Jun 2008 7:48am #

    1.6USD is not bad an allowance for an intern considering that flight ticket and accommodation are provided. And if one would be assigned in the cafe, it’s impossible that one wouldn’t be getting free meals.

    As for creating 600 illegal teachers, isn’t it too much of a claim? I’ve been an exchange student in Korea under ASEAN last year and I’ve met interns under an almost similar contract but they never stayed as illegal workers. Why? First, it’s because they need to go back and finish their degrees. Second, they have to abide by the conditions written on the contract.

  3. someone / 12 Apr 2009 8:20pm #

    “Face it. Anyone coming here without a degree but some university experience has dropped out.”

    WOW.. that is so untrue. Some people are really taking a gap year, or had to leave to save money….

  4. Savannah / 4 Jul 2009 3:51pm #

    I agree, that is quite a statement to make on behalf of hundreds of people you aren’t even acquainted with.

    I plan to participate in this internship, as well as take classes towards my area of study, online. Where do I fit into your misguided ideas about these interns?

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